The Obligatory Wish List

last edited 6 December 2012

A color e-ink reader :)

You shouldn't try to get me this right now, but when they're really available I'll be really happy.

Christmasy things

For pagan scientist girls, that is. Women of science ornaments!

Happy fuzzy things

Plush Appa

Totoro cloak


TARDamask shirt (men's L or girls' 2XL)

Honey badger shirt

Science shirt


Azumanga Daioh
I still don't have any of these! Volumes 3, 5, and 6 are my favorites.

Read or Die OAV
The one with the character Yomiko, not the TV series. [Wim approved.]

The LXD TV series

Community season 1

Yarn or fabric

Self-striping yarn is neat. Soft is good. Plain acrylic yarn is not of interest. Just one skein of some super-spiffy thing is great.

For fabrics, I like interesting patterns and intense colors. A quarter yard is enough to do fun things with.


Legos are always good. I already have the Guggenheim, though, thank you.

Nice socks

I love my Smartwool socks very much. I'm good for hiking ones right now, but pretty ones are great. Knee socks can be difficult because I have big calves, though. I really like actual presents, but Sock Dreams gift cards are an option.

Video games

I like RPGs, rhythm action, and platforming games. We already have lots of Katamari Damacy. My favorite ever game remains Okami. I'd like to try the Phoenix Wright games for the DS, and those can probably be found cheaply used.


Amphibians and Reptiles of the Pacific Northwest
by Ronald A. Nussbaum, Edmund D. Brodie, Jr., and Robert M. Storm.
University of Idaho Press.

Art of the Northwest Coast
by Aldona Jonaitis

A Book of Colors, Color Image Scale, Colorist
by Shigenobu Kobayashi

The Book of World Famous Music
by James J. Fuld

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language
by David Crystal

The Color Star
and other fine books on color use
by Johannes Itten

English With an Accent
by Rosina Lippi-Green

Garden Plants of Japan ***
by Ran Levy-Yamamori and Gerard Taaffe

Gee's Bend:
The Architecture of the Quilt
by William Arnett

The Ghost With Trembling Wings:
Science, Wishful Thinking, and the Search for Lost Species

by Scott Weidensau

Ghostwritten **
by David Mitchell

How Buildings Learn:
What Happens After They're Built

by Stewart Brand

Insects of the Pacfic Northwest
by Peter Haggard and Judy Haggard

Kimono: Fashioning Culture
by Liza Dalby

The Limits of Mathematics
by Gregory Chaitin

Lost World:
Rewriting Prehistory--How New Science Is Tracing America's Ice Age Mariners

by Tom Koppel

The Major Transitions in Evolution:
Evolution and the Theory of Games
by John Maynard Smith

The Man Who Tasted Shapes
by Richard E. Cytowic

Mother Nature:
Maternal Instincts and How They Shape the Human Species

by Sarah Blaffer Hrdy

Mr. Wilson's Cabinet of Wonder:
Pronged Ants, Horned Humans, Mice on Toast, and Other Marvels of Jurassic Technology

by Lawrence Weschler

Saga v1
by Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples

Simplicity and Complexity in Games of the Intellect
by Lawrence Slobodkin

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai: Across the Eighth Dimension
by Earl Mac Rauch

The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants
by Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz and Aristid Lindenmayer

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language
by David Crystal
[cheap 1st editions available used]

City of Diamond
by Jane Emerson
["in print" but the suppliers are out]

Grammar Without Tears
by Hugh Sykes Davies
[out of print]

How to be Well Versed in Poetry
by E.O. Parrott
[out of print]

Legacy of Fire
by Nina Kiriki Hoffman
[OOP and rare, but this is a wish list]

A Long Way From Verona
by Jane Gardam
[out of print]

by Andrea U'Ren
[out of print, children's HC]

The Recursive Universe:
Cosmic Complexity and the Limits of Scientific Knowledge

by William Poundstone
[out of print]

The Rising of the Moon
by Flynn Connolly
[out of print]

(the short story collection, pub date unimportant) by George R. R. Martin
[out of print]

Speak Roughly to Your Little Boy
by Myra Cohn Livingston & Joseph Low
[out of print]


(not so much right now, list kept for reference)

I would prefer not to receive:

Candles or candle accessories. I have lots!

Gift certificates to chain bookstores. I do love books, but I very much dislike going to the huge monoliths, because I live in the city. I understand that people go there if there aren't good independent bookstores nearby, but I am near some excellent ones. My preference is for supporting those, so if you want to get books of my choice for me, please either use my list here or get a certificate from Booksense, which I can use at independent stores. Thanks. I know this probably sounds strange to some of you, but I'd really appreciate it.

Inferior books on English usage. (Unsure? Just avoid any not listed above.)