The Obligatory Wish List

list edited 21 December 2006


Self-patterning sock yarn is neat. Self-striping anything, for that matter. Soft is good. Plain acrylic yarn is not of interest. Just one skein of some super-spiffy thing is great.


Legos are always good. There is a Lego Pictionary-style game and a Lego advent calendar.


Food processor? Wim would like an electric kettle, and I think if there's one with settable temperature that would fulfill the dictates of his Republic of Tea packets that would be ideal.

Wool socks

I like my Smartwool socks, but I'm sure there are other nice socks in the world too.

Playstation or PS2 games

I like RPGs and rhythm action games. We already have both Katamari Damacy games. My favorite ever game is Okami.

Garden stuff