The Obligatory Wish List

last edited 11 December 2013


Pacifc Rim (really! it has a ridiculous premise but is a GREAT movie)


Dr. Who socks!
Pretty Fairisles
And decorated trouser socks

Nice headphones

Examples:1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Silly media stuff

Moomin case for iPad
David Bowie paper dolls
My Little Pony keychain
Science pin (from Nimona)

Knife block

Utilitarian is preferable to novelty, unless it's really funny.


The Badlands of Hark, R.L. Stine (old but cheap!)
Sea Change, by S.M. Wheeler
To Be Or Not To Be, Ryan North et al.

Cat bed for cranky old beasts

They are so sad that there's a limited amount of space in front of the furnace!

Button-down fitted shirt

I'd really like to try the Pepperberry 16RC classic shirt.

Rice cooker

I hear that some double as Crock Pots, which seems handy, but I already have a Crock Pot.


Legos are always good. I already have the Guggenheim, though, thank you.

Pottery class

Can't afford Pottery Northwest while I'm saving to relocate, but it's such fun and I would definitely make you things. :)