This year or thereabouts in the life of Kylee:

Latest thing that has made me go "NEAT!"

I hereby endorse Distributed Proofreaders as a good thing to do with one's time. I've been working on that site since there were only about half a dozen stars, so I figure it is about time I said something about it.

Oh, Sonja, I lied. I do have a favorite conspiracy. A bunch of complete bastards (whom I adore) on rec.arts.sf.written put together a perfectly wonderful conspiracy against big idiots who can't spell and plagiarize their school papers at the last minute. Please see The Jane Austin Homepage. I love the net, oh yes I do.

Not an Wish List.

My answers to the ubiquitous email interview. I don't think there's anything incriminating in here, but if you hold illusions about me that you'd rather not have shattered or something, don't follow this link. Note that these were answered around the beginning of 2000, and some of the answers are different now. I will get around to changing these someday. I have email that needs answering, and people complain much more if I don't do that.

A bit about the last baby blanket



Some very fine fonts live at

Lynx, The Only Browser That Matters!

I like my ISP.